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It is the goal of STARR Therapy to create an environment where our clients can be a part of a supportive family with a holistic approach to mental wellness. 

In 2008 as a result of the shift in our economy, which cut community health services by about 50%, STARR services began out of the need to support the community. We serviced over 1200 people from 2009 thru 2012. In addition to mental health services, we helped clients resolve issues with housing and transportation. In addition, we encouraged clients to be a part of their community, by providing services that connected them to outdoor exploration (hiking, paddling, lo'i farming, beach clean ups, and medicinal nature walks) . In dealing with addictions we recognized that it was more effective to treat the individual using the holistic approach. In 2013, we focused on providing individual and family therapy to not only those dealing with addiction, but also to those who were connected to the addict. With the diverse population we served, we discovered that with those that were willing to change, the flow of life became manageable.

Our vision at STARR Therapy was always to create a nurturing and supportive family environment that provided culturally competent, holistic, and nurturing approaches to aid recovery. We continue to carry on our vision, believing that recovery in any situation starts with being kind to yourself. Our staff with over 33 years of experience, are dedicated and trained to provide quality mental health services that promote security in our clients while preserving dignity, encouraging self love, higher self esteem and balance.

Our success is based on the philosophy that we all have the power to create what we want for ourselves.

We offer...

Elementary thru High-school Services

We have a commitment to our educational system, families and their communities. We offer services to students and their families to ensure that the education experience is a positive one. With behavioral and emotional support our services reinforce positive connection between the student and the education structure.  

 Mental Health Services

We also specialize in child custody cases. STARR has helped many families establish connection when they are challenged with the over whelming process of reunification. Our process has been highly effective in reuniting families with a 98% success rate.

In addition, our staff is diligently trained in all areas of mental health issues. We are also connected to other service professionals to ensure that the best quality of care is offered. 


Our growth groups compliment individual therapy. Those that attend our groups gain clarity and purpose through interconnectedness with other members. The skill of altruism is encouraged because often times, the healing process is hastened through helping others. Our groups give value and empowerment to members of all ages. Please check our calendar for group specifics.