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 Therapeutic Services

Individual Therapy and Group Therapy

Individual sessions are available 6 days a week.

We support many individuals who are struggling with life issues. We treat many mental health conditions and believe that our clients have the ability to build success while staying positive on their way to freedom.

In addition to individual therapy, many of our clients find that group therapy compliments the work they do in individual sessions. Please check our group therapy schedule and join us if you can. The support from others gives a deeper meaning to interconnectedness. Our clients find that it is also enlightening to heal with the support of others rather than alone.

Relationship Counseling

Our professional counselors help you realize you and your partner's core strengths so that when communicating, the flow of connectedness deepens and becomes more meaningful. Through guidance and self realization, relationship building is easier and many times, successful.

Family Therapy

Your family's needs are taken seriously and together we can come to peaceful, fair and empowered outcomes. Our Counselors and Professional Therapists assist families with understanding and compassion.

Learning how to prioritize self love is one of the values we support because we believe that with self love, healing begins and the connection to others is maintained.

Click on the map for directions to our office.